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Digital PR Campaigns

Top tier news backlinks from Digital PR to drive Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

Our Digital PR Services - What’s Included?

Our digital marketing PR prices cover an “all in campaign” tailored specifically to the individual needs of your business. We understand that different businesses have different priorities. 

Digital PR provides top of the funnel engagement and backlink opportunities that should form a sturdy part of your overall backlink building strategy. 



We will send several researched and data-driven ideas to you. (feedback and amends welcomed)


We then write a journo-friendly press release summarising the data, once approved.

Announcement share video play


Next we then outreach to a list of journalists in your industry to gain relevant links and coverage.

Reporting / Tracking

Once the campaign is complete we will send you a full report of the links and coverage gained.

Your initial Digital PR consultation with us is FREE

Discover how our Digital PR services can help you to realise the full potential of your business.


SEO Led Digital PR vs Traditional Brand PR

It’s important to note our Digital PR is solely aimed at earning backlinks for SEO to your domain. 

We are not trying to directly promote any aspect of your business and brand, rather we are promoting a story which in turn will benefit your business by increasing the number of links from high authority sites. 

This is not to announce hires, product launches or your office move.

Guaranteed Newspaper Backlinks?

Unlike blogger outreach, we do not (and cannot) guarantee the number of links that will be acquired from each campaign. 

This is because we are relying on journalists picking up the stories we promote and anything can happen in the news on any given day! 

That said, we have an enviable track record of delivering consistent link numbers from our PR activity.

Digital PR Campaigns

We have gained followed links from Digital PR in the following publications and more...

Our Digital PR Packages Compared

Digital PR campaigns are very labour intensive and require diligent levels of planning and execution. 

We need to plan, ideate, create and circulate each campaign we’re working on. Thus, the more outreach hours we can dedicate to a project, the greater the number of places we can outreach, which in turn increases the number of links we can potentially acquire.

Basic Campaign

Approx 15 hours in total across all stages of the process

Standard Campaign

Approx 30 hours in total across all stages of the process

Enhanced Campaign

Approx 50 hours in total across all stages of the process

Why Choose for your Digital PR Campaigns?

Our Digital PR campaigns have one sole aim, delivering links from relevant press coverage on very high authority domains. 

We are an SEO team who leverage Digital PR in order to generate the kind of higher authority links that just can’t be purchased off the shelf in the same way that can be done via blogger outreach

Order online now or contact us for more info of how Digital PR can benefit your business.

SEO content and link building packages that cover all your bases.

Monthly SEO Packages

Our monthly SEO packages include Digital PR and let you focus on running your business and us focus on your SEO activity.

Packages include: technical SEO support, link building, content optimisation and fully transparent strategy and reporting.