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Blog Post Content

Strategic blog content is a great way to earn mid and long tail traffic, increasing readership and engagement
Blog Post Content

Blog content with a real ROI

Writing strategic blog content as part of a wider content plan can be an extremely powerful way of leveraging additional organic traffic. 

Armed with the right research, blog content can bring in mid and long tail traffic not covered by your existing money pages – see the image from one of our clients over a 12 month period.

The purpose of blog content is to attract top of funnel traffic before converting them with our landing page copywriting.

Blog Post Content

What sort of blog content do we write?

The types of blog content we write includes:

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How do we decide what to write blog posts about?

We will conduct keyword research to find out what questions users are asking about your product or services. Then, we will examine search volumes, your existing content as well as the nature of the sites already ranking for each query. We then pick a sweet spot which is content which is popular but is also achievable in terms of rankings.

Creating this kind of content means you can earn traffic from users higher up the purchase funnel (at the research stage), not just those who are ready to buy. In addition, you can also link to your money pages, further increasing their overall authority.

SEO content and link building packages that cover all your bases.

Monthly SEO Packages

Our monthly SEO packages include sales / landing page content and let you focus on running your business and us focus on your SEO activity.

Packages include: technical SEO support, link building, content optimisation and fully transparent strategy and reporting.

Why Choose to write your blog posts?


We target achievable search queries that are relevant to your niche


We write in with an appropriate tonality for your brand


We can write for UK and US audiences - or any English speaking locality


Our content is formatted for maximum featured snippet potential