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Evergreen Content

Evergreen content plays into topics and themes with a high level of year-round user-interest.

Why is Evergreen Content Important?

Evergreen content (also known as hub-page content or pillar posts) has a number of SEO and wider business benefits.

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What sort of Evergreen content do I need?

Evergreen content is typically informative content which seeks to answer queries relating to one broad topic, product or product category. For example a fashion retailer could create an evergreen post entitled “How to Choose the Perfect Pairs of Mens Jeans”. As jeans are a year-round purchase and wardrobe staple, a post of this nature will be relevant all year round and will always be relevant to the user.
Evergreen Content
Types of evergreen content we deliver include:

Data-driven Evergreen Content Strategies

Data informs everything we do and evergreen content is no different. This includes keyword volumes, keyword difficulty, search intent, conversion potential – everything we do is based upon measurable data. 

Our evergreen content is written with specific (and realistic) business goals, such as increased engagement, traffic, and conversions. Take a look at the example below, one post generated over 14,000 organic sessions and another generated 55 conversions at over 1% conversion rate. That’s a huge ROI for two pieces of content when compared to the comparative cost of buying this traffic from PPC (which had a $18 cost per click).

Evergreen Content Examples

SEO content and link building packages that cover all your bases.

Monthly SEO Packages

Our monthly SEO packages include sales / landing page content and let you focus on running your business and us focus on your SEO activity.

Packages include: technical SEO support, link building, content optimisation and fully transparent strategy and reporting.

Why Choose for your Evergreen content production?

We help you to position your brand as a leading authority within your niche, boosting visibility and improving performance in the SERPs. 

The long term SEO benefits and lifetime ROI of investment in long-form content means this tactic should be a must for anyone who is serious about growing their business online.

It is very difficult to offer this type of content as an eCommerce product. Please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.