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Monthly SEO Packages

Technical SEO, website content and link building packages combine to cover all your SEO bases.
Monthly SEO Packages

Monthly SEO Packages from

Tailored SEO packages from are designed to maximise the effectiveness of your SEO content and link building campaigns. 

We will deliver exactly what your website needs in order to improve performance. 

From codebase optimisation and backlinks to landing page creation, technical SEO, and more, our SEO packages will save you time and money.

Market Leading SEO Success Is A Long Term Plan

Long-term SEO success is not achieved via set-and-forget principles that can be purchased as a one-off future proofed service. 

SEO success requires monthly investment – the ever changing nature of the Google algorithm means your competitors are constantly reviewing ranking metrics and adapting their strategies accordingly. Standing still is actually going backwards very quickly. We’ll help you to stay ahead of the curve.

Monthly SEO Packages - What is included?

Monthly SEO packages from mean you can relax knowing your SEO is being taken care of by an expert team of SEO specialists. We include a technical audit, prioritisation of tasks following the initial audit, backlink building, blogger outreach, digital PR, and more – and of course, we take care of all implementation. 

Included in our SEO packages:

We will produce landing page content to convert clicks to customers

We will technically optimise pages to maximise SERP space and CTR

We will build outreach links to push your rankings in SERPs

We will run PR campaigns to promote your brand and gain top tier links

We will produce evergreen content guides to build awareness through long tail and featured snippets

The quantity of monthly support/output you receive will depend on the SEO package you select and the amount of work needed at each stage. 

You will always be kept informed on what activity is happening and when by your assigned project manager. 

Benefits of Investing In SEO Packages Tailored To Your Business

SEO packages cut down on waste by maximising the effectiveness of only the most relevant services needed by your business, resulting in an increased digital marketing ROI. By reviewing what activity needs doing on a monthly basis, we can capture as much opportunity as possible.

Other benefits of investing in a bespoke SEO package include

Higher conversion rates from targeted traffic

Increased lead generation/sales

Improved user experience for all user types

Increased your brand awareness and credibility

Save time and money by outsourcing your SEO

We’ll take care of everything - We know what we are doing when it comes to SEO campaigns.

Why choose to manage your ongoing SEO campaigns?

Whether you select a basic or advanced monthly SEO package, you will benefit from a regular SEO strategy discussion.

We provide regular updates packaged in easy to read reports and realtime dashboards, written in plain English.

We understand how to build and implement tailored SEO strategies that get results.

We Have Monthly SEO Packages To Suit Your Needs

We know that no two clients require the same SEO package of services. That’s why our bespoke SEO packages deliver on additional complementary services where the requirement is highlighted. 

This could include internal link building strategies, title and META optimisation, actionable plans to address duplicate content issues, and much more.

The options below give an indication on what our typical SEO packages cost and are mainly used for billing purposes rather than detailing campaign specifics.

Unsure which Monthly SEO Package you need?


No. Firstly, nobody can guarantee SEO success and if you really believe that your SEO success is built around ranking for 3-5 short tail keywords that you have no conversion data for, maybe we are not the agency for you.

No. We do not trust it as we have no idea who wrote it. If they are so good and made the best audit you have ever read, why are you speaking to us today?

It is also 1 year old – That is an eternity in SEO. You would be better off long term letting us take full control and responsibility for our work. That starts with our SEO audit.

Yes of course we do – Get in touch and let’s have a chat about what else we can support you with.

Yes – get in touch and we can issue an invoice with your PO referenced. Once payment is cleared, the work begins.

Sure – Get in touch and we will pass this through to our risk teams. There is a £495 + VAT charge for this that can be added to your first month’s invoice.